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At this time, Christ appeared to him in a dream to show him scenes from his life. Rather, it was a simple encounter the man had with his sister that pleased the Lord. One day when the man noticed that his sister was heartbroken in an effort to comfort her, he embraced her tight for a long time. But remember, God notices. Then smile, because if you are building your life on Christ with love, what you do will matter for eternity.

Shana Schutte is a freelance writer, author and speaker living in Colorado Springs, Colo. Call Store.

Your Purpose Matters for Eternity. By Shana Schutte. January 1, Share on facebook.

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Share on print. Share on email. Male person meeting dawn on top of the mountain. Panoramic view of beautiful valley in front of him. In his book, Driven by Eternity , John Bevere writes ". This will provide them a grand entrance into the Kingdom of God, rather than them slipping in with all they've done burned up and destroyed. Copyright Shana Schutte. Used by permission. All rights reserved. About the Author. More by Shana Schutte.

Next Developing Emotional Intimacy Next. You May Also Like. Discovering Your God-Given Purpose. June 5, March 6, Will God deny you? Isn't this another controversial conflict? Isn't Jesus again saying: Do as I say, not as I do? So, should suicide be ok, if only in this case, within the believers' value systems? If Jesus could opt out of His flesh body into His "transfigured body" at will, Jesus may not have experienced the pain His flesh body would have endured on the cross.

See: "Jesus' transfigured body". Bill Moyers, author of his great book Genesis: "God actually put His son on the cross to bleed in agony for other people.

What Does the Bible Say About Destiny?

This is a God who would save us by doing that to a human being? God forsakes Jesus! Well, so much for Bible credibility and not for all the obvious reasons. This is evidence of one of the greatest "adoptions". Did Jesus, a God, during His death-struggle, quote these already written words, or were His words applied, after the fact, by Biblical Old Testament plagiarism? If this is but plagiarism, how much more of the life of Jesus Christ was but a composite plagiarism of other religious heroes?

Did these Gospel writers make up Jesus and put words in His mouth in a guise to fulfill prophesy? Matthew When Jesus died by crucifixion, tombs were opened and the bodies of many dead saints raised forth from their tombs, entered the city and appeared to many. Is Matthew credible? No history bearing nation: Rome, Israel, Egypt etc. If that had really happened, would it not be worth mentioning by at least one of the other Gospel or New Testament writers?

Either Matthew took extraordinary or zealous literary license, or he had a sense of humor. Maybe, he got so excited he forgot to take his medication. They gave Him a piece of baked fish; He took it and ate it in front of them. Matthew The "resurrected" Jesus said: And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age. Dictionary Idolatry: 1. The worship of idols. Do crosses and people on them qualify? Excess devotion or reverence for some person or thing. Does Jesus Christ qualify? Jesus often explained Himself and His values by speaking parables.

He spoke of fictitious characters to represent Himself and to describe His points. Did Jesus speak of a fictitious God in the same manner? Did Jesus invent His personal God so to be better heard?

Luke Jesus said in a parable : "Now as for those enemies of Mine who did not want Me to be their King, bring them here and slay them before Me". Jesus Christ then said : "I will also put her children to death. Is eternal death not a happier prospect than eternal existence - if one can be tormented for eternity - or have to be a slave to a tyrannical God for eternity? God actually tells His prophet, Hosea, to take a hooker, prostitute, whore, harlot for his wife? How many clergy have also said: To reject them was to reject God?

Most clergy won't openly discuss this character. Was this disciple gay? John's writings were pretty gay - filled with the un-manly feelings that others had in common. Then He said to the disciple He loved : Behold your mother. The disciple took her into his home. Who said: I came not to send peace but the sword, father against son, daughter against mother? Who said: I have come to set the Earth on fire. How I wish it were already blazing?

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Who said: Children will rise up against their parents and put them to death? Who said: Whoever believes - serpents and drinking poison will not harm them? Who said: This generation will not pass away until all these things take place? Who died, tombs opened, dead bodies raised and appeared to many?

Nobody cares? Later, James and his crowd were wiped out. Behold, your mother cannot be literal. Also, a must requirement for discipleship was found in:.

Jesus died for our sins: In any value system, how can justice be served by executing an innocent man for the crimes or sins of others? If we support this doctrine and its God, we support that. You are Biblically illiterate. I will tell you what the Bible means. Convert, conform, worship, obey, support, promote and send money! Personally, I only speak and read English. I still do struggle through the King James Version, too. Often, between Bibles, one version is more controversial than the other version is. But, if I am accurate, I have learned much, and dared to share it. I am not responsible for what the Bible says.

I, like you, am not responsible for how others feel about what the Bible says.