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Livestrong included Cynthia's ideas for how to make homemade ketchup! Eat This, Not That! Men's Journal included Cynthia's take on the coconut oil controversy. Livestrong published Cynthia's article, Health Benefits of Chickpeas. Health magazine included Cynthia's thoughts about broccoli coffee. Is it the next big trend? Newsweek included Cynthia's expertise in 'What is Mushroom Coffee? Athletes Quarterly magazine published Cynthia's latest sports nutrition column. The current topic: how athletes can use nutrition to bolster immunity. Coffee and cancer warnings is back in the news.

Check out an interview Cynthia did with ABC News when this same topic made headlines a few year back. Cooking Light magazine asked Cynthia to weigh in on the great breakfast debate! Health magazine included Cynthia's quotes about a Twiiter devate over veganism. No Joke. Time included Cynthia's take on new research questioning the benefits of turmeric. Losing a Spouse and Some Pounds, Too' - read it here. Cynthia's sports nutrition column in Athletes Quarterly about Clean Eating is now online - read it here.

Livestrong included Cynthia's dark chocolate pulse pudding in 'Desserts Your Nutritionist Approves Of' - check it out here.

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Cynthia was a guest on Maria Menounos' radio show to discuss tips for a healthier, happier July 4th. Check out the video and recipes here. Athletes Quarterly published Cynthia's sports nutrition column.

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Cynthia spoke about the power of lentils and other pulses at the International Association of Culinary Professionals meeting in Los Angeles April 2nd. Pros and Cons from a Pro - read it here. Reader's Digest included Cynthia's tips in 'Always Hungry? Women's Health magazine quoted Cynthia the pulse expert! Make time for the Awareness Routine in the morning and night.

Then, during the day, do 2 minutes of chest- and hip-opening stretches. Move your laptop or computer to a standing desk or counter. You can also eat lunch and take conference calls or meetings standing up.

Another option is to spend 15 minutes of every hour standing. At night, spend 5 minutes doing the thoracic spine rotation exercise. This pose helps improve mobility in your torso and reduces stiffness in the mid-to-lower back. Each time the alarm goes off, stand up and stretch for 30 seconds. Today is about counteracting inactive glutes. When your glutes shut down, it can impact your hips and lead to poor posture and a misaligned pelvis. So, set a phone alarm for every hour and every time the alarm goes off, do 30 seconds of isometric glute squeezes.

You can do these sitting in your seat too. Hold this contraction for 10 seconds and then release. Repeat for 1 minute.

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These isometric squeezes will help ensure that your glute muscles are firing properly. For the whole day, set a phone alarm for every 20 minutes. Every time the alarm goes off, check in on your sitting posture. Checking in with yourself and adjusting your posture accordingly can help reform neurological patterns. Try to avoid the following:. They found that even the slightest tilt of your head, like 15 degrees, can make your pound head feel like 27 pounds.

Truly poor posture can turn our heads into pound weights, increasing risk of early wear and tear to your spine. Bonus points: Because stress can increase aches and pains in the body, do one thing that helps you feel less stressed. At the end of the day, repeat the plank workout regimen of day However, this time, complete 4 sets instead of 3.

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Set a phone alarm for every hour. Every time the alarm goes off, do 30 seconds of isometric glute squeezes. Every time the alarm goes off, do 10 seconds of isometric rows in your seat.

These isometric rows work your entire shoulder girdle, rhomboids, and crucial postural muscles, which help improve posture. Complete 5 sets of plank workouts from day 12 instead of three. After the workout regimen, do minutes of thoracic spine rotation and chest- and hip-opener stretches. Do the Awareness Routine for minutes. When you get to work, repeat the isometric glute contractions throughout the day, every hour for 30 seconds. Aim to stand for 35 percent of your workday. Relax and stand against the wall and take a picture.

Look and see if your natural position has improved since day Keep your progress in mind as you move throughout the day. Stand for 50 percent of your workday and at the end of the day, evaluate how it felt. To really check in on your progress, remember to take photos on the first and last day for evidence.

At the end of these 30 days, your postural muscles should have started to build muscle memory. You should feel more confident and aware of how your back is positioned during work hours, at home, and throughout the day. Gabrielle Kassel is a rugby-playing, mud-running, protein-smoothie-blending, meal-prepping, CrossFitting, New York-based wellness writer.

In her free time, she can be found reading self-help books, bench-pressing, or practicing hygge.

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Follow her on Instagram. Why do men store fat differently than women?

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What factors affect where your body fat sits and stores? We spoke to experts and looked at the studies to…. Collagen is an essential building block for the entire body, from skin to gut, and more.