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But he asked anyway. I thought and thought and thought really hard so I could do it, but.

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Well, I fell. And it hurt! Cross my heart, I will never tell.

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I believe you, Tommo, so now you have to believe me. There were things inside and a letter to me from my grandpa. He said that my name held special powers, and that I had to be careful how I used them. He also said that he changed his last name from Li Na to Makan. Grandpa must have requested that I be given that name, and Mom honored his request. Tommo asked himself, immediately wishing he could take it back.

Hand on the Bible. But how can you make it happen? She might be. Want to? They talk funny. The path was too narrow to walk side by side. As they ambled along, Takli asked Tommo what good could possibly come from being able to walk on air. I could do something good, I think. Mostly, though, it would be re-e-e-ally awesome. Keanu Reeves stops to get gas for his motorbike out in Malibu.

Lionesses boss Neville takes responsibility for defeat by Germany. Emery: Confident he will stay together with the players and the club. Chris Wilder press conference after Sheffield draws with Tottenham. Mauricio Pochettino unsure if he will be given time to rebuild Spurs. Lampard delighted with 'game management' against Crystal Palace.

Chelsea Crystal Palace: Hodgson says he has 'no criticisms'.

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Stomach-churning footage shows large parasites in man's liver.

Thailand cave rescue: Boys 'can walk but can't dive yet'

The first sign of old gas is it makes starting more difficult. This is because the most volatile components of the fuel are the first to deteriorate and are the ones that help an engine start easily. Use fuel with an octane rating of 87 or as close to 87 as you can. Starting will be easier if the spark plug is in good condition.

If in doubt, replace it. A new spark plug will be able to provide a better spark to ignite the fuel within the engine. You should also make sure the spark plug wire is attached to the spark plug.

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A clean air filter helps make it easier to start your machine. A dirty filter will make it much more difficult for the engine to draw in air. Clean or replace the filter if it is dirty. A clean filter will also help keep dust out of the engine and reduce wear. On electric start models the battery should be charged at the beginning and end of the season.

One charge may be enough to last through the whole season. If not, additional charging during the season may be necessary. Plastic vs. Metal Containers: Metal cans have the potential to rust so plastic is always preferred as they can keep the fuel system from encountering rust flakes. Stabilizer: Stabilizer is designed to help keep the fuel fresher longer. It has to be added the day the fuel is purchased otherwise it will not do the job.

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Stale or Fresh Fuel: Fresh fuel less than 30 days old. Synthetic Oil: Yes, synthetic oil can be used in any of our units. Easier to start in cold weather pertains to 4 Cycle snowthrowers and tractors. Still need to change the oil as often as recommended in the manual. Here are some of the reasons full throttle operation is best. Cleaner cut on the grass More power, less likely to bog down Less stress on the engine Engine runs cooler Full speed means more cooling air from the flywheel area Slow engine speeds can result in hot spots on the cylinder On units with throttle control we recommend full throttle operation while in use.

Check blades for sharpness. Make sure the cutting deck is cleared of old clippings. Check pull cords to insure they are not frayed and are in good working condition. Check that attachments are connected and working properly. Slowly pull the starter rope several times to distribute the oil. Reinstall spark plug, but do not connect spark plug wire.

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  6. Release starter tension slowly to prevent engine from reversing due to compression pressure. This position closes both the intake and exhaust ports which prevents corrosion of the cylinder bore. Tighten Fasteners and Clean Tighten screws, bolts and nuts as needed. Repair or replace damaged parts. Clean unit thoroughly. Battery if applicable Fully charge battery prior to storage. Store mower in a cool, dry place. Touch up all rusted or chipped paint surfaces. Storage Ensure engine has properly cooled. Cover unit and store in a clean, dry location out of the reach of children.

    Loosen the nut on the cable mount. Pull the upper handle back fully rearward. Tighten the nut firmly. Start the mower and check the adjustment. The spark plug gap on your Insight or Insight Gold Mower is. If you do not have an Insight or Insight Gold mower please check your Owner's Manual for the proper gap. We recommend that any sharpening of the mower blade be done by your local Lawn-Boy Authorized Service Dealer. Drain and refill engine crankcase with fresh oil 4 cycle models.

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