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I stand by cemetery upgrade, triage, and organic fertilizer being absolute garbage though.

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You're simply losing the game badly if you get any real use out of them. I wish they were more than flavorful; I wish they made me feel "smart" for using them in the right situation instead of me forcing a losing situation to use them. There's no depth in this game. It's exactly like that other adobe trash. Zuletzt bearbeitet von Shining Hector ; I was trying to force organic fertilizer in winterhome because you start with about 80 dead bodies but I mean There are so many laws I'd just rather take and you have to kind of go quickly through to the purpose side to raise your hope high enough not to fail the first objective.

Fertilizer decreases hope so that hurts it a lot in this scenario, and besides you start with enough workers to feed your population if you stick them all in hunter's huts. Recently I fooled around on refugees extreme and I told myself I'm not going overcrowding and I'm going with order; in this case the cemetery was actually kind of helpful because I simply expected a number of people to die to grave illness and order's hope bonuses are lacking until propaganda.

It may sound stupid but I wanted to see if I could work it out and I did without relying on canning workshop or hothouses too. The logic with this method is you naturally get so much workforce anyway so why bother to try to keep them all alive; just keep enough alive not to fail the objective while picking laws that boost production. Once I get infirmaries sick weren't an issue ever again even without overcrowding. Pro Seite: 15 30 Geschrieben am: 6.

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Anti-Vax Parents: Their Choice to be Stupid

The first person you fall in love with is the perfect fit for you. Recalibrations as your starting point are more or less way out of your control. You have zero say about where and to whom you are born, and you have no influence on how lucky you will be in your life. No matter where you start, with time good choices lead to a better life and bad choices lead to a low quality of life.

You make choices constantly, consciously and unconsciously, and they have a great impact on your life. Thus one very important job you have in life is to make as many unconscious behavioral patterns as possible, conscious. You want to be consciously in control of your choices, because that is the greatest power you have in life.

Your past decisions have had a great influence on where you currently are in life. Your decisions from this moment on will have a great influence on where you will land in the future.

See a Problem?

In general, we can divide decisions in four ways:. You endanger your future by making bad decisions — big and small ones. You make a bad choice and it has huge negative consequences. Here are examples of big bad decisions: You marry the wrong person. You take a big bribe. You cheat. You rob a bank. One big bad decision like that can completely turn your life around and make a mess out of it. But you also make daily small decisions every minute or so.

Making daily poor decisions slowly leads to a poor quality of life. Examples of small bad decisions are: You spend more than you earn. You drink alcohol every day. You stuff yourself with fast food daily.

If your child were to be boring, stupid, or ugly, which one would you prefer?

You play Solitaire during working hours. You watch TV instead of reading. You go to a job you hate every day. Small wrong daily choices accumulate until a big crisis occurs. Remember, what you choose today has an impact on your life forever. Sometimes the sum of small bad choices has even more devastating effects than big bad choices.

You have to be careful about the details in your life. The smarter choices you make, the better the direction your life is headed in. For a happy and successful life, your smart choices must greatly outweigh the bad ones. It all starts with small daily decisions. Habits, as mentioned. Saving money, regularly exercising, minding your diet, expressing love and communicating deeply with the people you love.

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The industry says it strongly opposes use by minors; we are free to harbor whatever suspicions we choose. But I do know this: In this era of stunted maturity, countless young adults choose flavored vapes.

Is stupidity a choice?

Vodka comes in flavors; is Smirnoff targeting kids, too? You may recall the assertion that Joe Camel was trying to get kids to smoke cigarettes, as if cartoon characters were a sure sign. Remember Snoopy in Met Life ads? Garfield for Embassy Suites?

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  • Sometimes stupidity rules, and we have no choice but to watch in horror as consequences unfold.

Were they trying to get children to buy life insurance and hotel rooms? This does not make vaping the killer in each case. Several of those terrible stories featured people with conditions that could have increased their risk. Like peanuts, bee stings and even second-hand cigarette smoke, serious health effects are often more about the person than the substance.

So as I conclude a pitch against laws banning vaping, let me reinforce my wish for everyone to quit immediately — or, in the case of people using it to wean from cigarettes, to quit in the coming weeks. The point is that we do not want government guiding every choice we make. Dangerous narcotics and intoxicants can be properly prohibited by law.

When people make bad decisions

If the coming years yield ample evidence that vaping is hurting or killing wide swaths of otherwise healthy people, we can revisit.