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Profile photos and pictures Profile photos and pictures are visible to employers and universities, which is why the regulations for uploading such material are more restrictive than for other categories. The profile photo or picture must only include you.

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In general Graduateland maintains the right to block or delete all content that shows threatening, hate full or vulgar behaviour. Any profile with discriminating behaviour towards individuals or groups based on ethnic, religious or sexual orientation will be deleted, blocked and reported to the legal authorities. Any profile that pretends to be another person a false profile will be deleted, blocked and reported to the legal authorities.

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Pornographic material Any type of pornographic material will be deleted immediately and without warning. This includes pictures or photos of sexual or erotic character as well as abuse and physical damage of any kind. Protected material Content on Graduateland protected by copyright shall belong to the rightful owner. Other members shall thus not be allowed to use this material without the acceptance of the rightful owner.

This includes any picture which is not yours and material which belongs to Graduateland. Spam Extensive distribution of one and the same content is strictly illegal on Graduateland.

Profiles showing such behaviour will be deleted immediately. This includes the sending of unwanted emails, chain letters or unwanted commercials such as product promotion and marketing of websites.

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Illegal activities In general any illegal activity shall not be allowed on Graduateland. The following will immediately be deleted from Graduateland: Photos and pictures showing pornographic situations, illegal drugs, cash and weapons. Vira and other computer codes with the aim of harming or destroy IT equipment belonging to us or our members. Any activity that motivates illegal activities or distributes knowledge about it such as trade with illegal drugs and weapons.

This legal notice shall be governed by Danish Law. Any dispute arising out of or in relation to this legal notice which can not be solved amicably shall be decided by the Danish Courts. Final Remark Graduateland strives to create a positive and dynamic environment and therefore expects the user to share this philosophy. Graduateland is here to collaborate. The user is advised to read and accept Graduateland's rules and regulations before signing in as a user. Privacy Policy 1. Below you will find a description of the personal data, which Graduateland will process about you as well as the purpose and on which legal ground Graduateland is processing the personal data.

Legitimate interest and contractual relationship Graduateland processes your personal data that you have submitted online in order to a provide you with the services set out in the terms and conditions which were provided to you when you initially created your profile, and b to fulfil other contractual relationship with you. The legitimate interests of processing your personal data are: to promote your professional profile to potential employers and thereby exposing you to job opportunities and advancements in your career; to provide you with information on job opportunities relevant to you to advance your career; to conduct statistics and reports and historical overviews to understand career trends; to make a profile of you based on your preferences and competencies to match your profile with business partners in section 3.

Graduateland can processes the following personal data about you for the above-mentioned purposes: Contact information, including name, e-mail, phone number etc. When you sign up and disclose your personal data to Graduateland, Graduateland will disclose your data to companies, universities, organisations, public authorities and institutions that match your preferences for the purpose set out in section 2.

You can at any moment hide your profile so the above-mentioned cannot access your profile data.

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Please be informed that the level of data protection as currently applied and enforced in countries outside the European Union does not conform to the level of data protection for personal data currently applied and enforced within the European Union. Graduateland may engage third party service providers that will have access to and process your personal data. Graduateland will keep your personal data for 5 years or as long as needed in order to conduct statistics and historical overviews and to administer your profile at Graduateland, unless Graduateland is required under applicable law to delete it or keep your personal data for a longer period.

Graduateland will analyse your behaviour and personal data, including registering your competencies and educational background, in order to match your profile with the most relevant career opportunities. Your rights You can obtain further information on the personal data which Graduateland stores and processes about you by contacting dpo graduateland. Further, you may object to your personal data being processed, request that your personal data is rectified or restrict the processing of your personal data.

If you wish to object to your personal data being processed, have your data rectified or restrict the processing of your personal data, please contact dpo graduateland. You can obtain a copy of your personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format via your account settings. If technically feasible, you may request that the personal data is transmitted directly to another company or person acting as a data controller.

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If you are no longer interested in being exposed to employers and receiving information on relevant job opportunities, please notify Graduateland and delete your profile. Return Terms and Conditions Understanding your responsibilities as a Graduateland user 1. Use of the Graduateland Services. Terms Applicable to Employers.


The Graduateland User Database shall not be used: for any purpose other than as an employer seeking employees or performing employer branding, including but not limited to advertising promotions, products, or services to any resume holders; to make unsolicited phone calls or faxes or send unsolicited mail, email, or newsletters to resume holders or to contact any individual unless they have agreed to be contacted where consent is required or, if express consent is not required, who has not informed you that they do not want to be contacted ; or to source candidates or to contact job seekers or resume holders in regards to career fairs and business opportunities prohibited by Section 3.

Additional terms. Content and Submissions. Disclaimer of Warranty. Disclaimer of Consequential Damages. Limitation of Liability. Links to Other Sites. No Resale or Unauthorized Commercial Use.

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The main scope is to perform customer test of the signaling system deliveries from different suppliers. The test will be an acceptance test as well as integrations test. The test team is a new team and you will therefore participate in building up new test settings as well as team standards and processes. The technical challenges are many and solved by the contribution of specialized knowledge from 18 different nations. Hence, the office language is English. De har lange og gode kunderelationer, hvilket sikrer dem positionen som kundernes fortrukne SolidWorks forhandler i Danmark.

Agilent Technologies Denmark , Glostrup. We are looking for a Plant Manager whose primary responsibility will be the day-to-day business of the two main business lines; Secure Transactions and Government ID, and to ensure the required security and quality requirements are fulfilled. Kilder og udviklingstendenser.

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University of California. School of Veterinary Medicine. Riget, F. Experience from Transplantation Experiments in Greenland. Strandberg, M. Asmund, G. Bay, C. Department of Arctic Environment.

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  6. Johansen, P. Aarkrog, A. Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

    In: Bjerregaard, P. Data Report. Bjerregaard, P. Cleemann, M. In: Aarkrog, A. Technical Report. Dietz, R. Danish National Assessment. National Assessment. Fromberg, A. Literature Review. Heidam, N.