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In other words, if you include any material which is beyond your firsthand experience, and which is not common knowledge of scholars in your field, you must cite your source in a way that your reader can:. Cheating covers a wide range of academically dishonest behaviors.

  • by R. Milton Quibner and Mia Matters.
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Unethical computer use includes use of computer software programs, documentation, data bases in violation of copyright law. It also includes unauthorized use of computer software or hardware, such as use for private business, breaking access codes, and pranks resulting in damage to software or hardware, breach of privacy or confidentiality, or violation of copyrights.

Facilitating academic dishonesty includes intentionally helping students commit acts of academic dishonesty.

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As part of a community engaged in the academic enterprise of searching for truth, students and faculty are expected to report incidents of academic dishonesty to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Whenever a member of the faculty or other university official has reason to believe that a student has committed a breach of academic honesty, the faculty member or official will confront the student, allowing the student an opportunity to speak on his or her behalf. If, in the opinion of the faculty member, a breach of academic honesty as defined above has clearly occurred, the faculty member or official must file a Report of Academic Dishonesty form with the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Integrity Matters

The form will be placed on file. This procedure should be completed as soon as is reasonably possible. First Offense.

If the Vice President for Academic Affairs determines this is a first offense, the disciplinary action will be handled by the professor. Second Offense. If the Vice President for Academic Affairs determines this is a second offense, in addition to the sanctions imposed by the professor, the Vice President for Academic Affairs may choose to impose additional sanctions, such as academic probation or suspension from school.

Third Offense.

Honesty Policy in Mathematics Classes at UH

An allegation of cheating or an imposed sanction may be appealed to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, who will then constitute a special evaluation committee using the same procedures identified for grade challenges. The committee will choose its own chair. The committee will solicit written statements from all concerned parties and evaluate all available evidence.

The committee will report its recommendation to the Vice President for Academic Affairs whose decision is final. The book also goes into detail on how to negotiate Asian massage parlours, escort services "the last resort" , "casino whores" in Las Vegas, brothels in Nevada, and "women of the night" in Rio: "Take a cab everywhere, know the place you are going to before your go If you do all that, you should have one of the most amazing times of your sexual life in Rio de Janeiro, otherwise known, to the truly deviant, as the Motherland.

Halfway through reading the book I had a horrifying revelation. On more than one occasion, unbeknownst to me, I have been what the authors refer to as "side puss" - just as I thought things were going well in my exciting new "relationship", the guy disappeared.

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This was confusing at the time, especially because one guy told me I "was the best sex he ever had" and that I gave him "the best BJ of his entire life". The authors' recommended way to cut things off is to "just disappear".

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No more phone calls, texts or emails. We're assholes. Texting is the communication of choice for the major cheater. Your girl will think you're texting your 'bro' about the game, when you're really setting up some ass. They also tell you who not to cheat with: the chick at work "[because] it will eventually dawn on you that if this girl wants to, she can call your girlfriend and tell her everything"; the chick at the gym "because you are definitely going to see her again"; your girlfriend's roommate or best friend; your neighbour; and a married woman "[because] her husband [could] burst into the room and shoot her through your back".

Cheating and Plagiarism

Near the end of the book they concede that "a relationship is over the second the trust is gone", and that you are cheating because you are missing the passion and sex you deserve in a relationship. That's when they suggest using the "Romantic Cheater" method and saying to your cheat, "'I haven't felt this way in a long time. After reading a book about how men can cheat the right way like Frank Sinatra and avoid doing it the wrong way like Arnold Schwarzenegger I now have to order four more books just to recover: Is He Cheating On You? Originally publsihed in the October edition of British GQ.

Black tie. British GQ.

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