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She'll cool down. Care for a cup? Aladdin: I don't get it, Genie. I try to do something good and it… it blows up in my face. Sometimes you do it by yourself. Iago: That kid saved my life. Nobody's ever looked out for me before. Now, it's like I owe him. Genie: Just let your conscience be your guide. Never had one. What are you trying to do, give me a heart attack? Genie: turning into a vet A-ha! You do have a heart! Genie: Look at him. Would it kill you to do something nice for him? Iago: Possibly. Genie: in multiple forms We have to get Al and the princess in one form back together!

Iago: Look, I definitely don't do mushy stuff! It's not me! Genie: I know, but it's going to be tricky. Iago: Tricky is good. Tricky I can do. Iago : Come on, Princess! Jasmine showing Iago when stopped crying Don't waste your tears on him. Jasmine : You! Get out of here! He's the creep.

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I never should have saved his life. Jasmine : Saved his life? He owed me one. That's why he stood up for me. Jasmine : But he didn't have to lie to me. Iago : You are so right. Forget About Love Iago : Forget about that guy Forget about the way you fell into his eyes Forget about his charms Forget about the way he held you in his arms Walking on air's obnoxious The thrills, the chills Will make you nauseous And you'll never get enough Just forget about love talking She's buying it! Now make with the magic! Iago: Forget about romance Forget about the way your heart begins to dance Aladdin: Jasmine.

Iago: Then you feel the blush When he's spouting out some sentimental mush Love really is revolting It's even worse than when you're molting Enough of this fluff Just forget about love Jasmine: I had almost forgotten the way it felt When he held out his hand for mine My heart all a-flutter Iago: Oh, how I shudder Jasmine: The first time we kissed Iago: It won't be missed Forget about his touch Jasmine: I can't forget about his touch Iago: In the scheme of things it doesn't matter much Jasmine: It matters so much Iago: You're better on your own A meal becomes a banquet when you eat alone Both: Love's filled with compromises Iago: And don't you hate those big surprises Jasmine: A cozy rendezvous Iago: Oh, please Jasmine: Candlelight for two Iago: Oh, jeez Jasmine: Look, you're calling my bluff I can't forget about love Iago: Just forget about love Aladdin: speaking Uh, Jasmine, I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have kept Iago a secret. Jasmine: speaking Aladdin, you don't have to Abis Mal : We did it! We're in! Jafar: It's about time. It was getting hot. How very like Iago.

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He's lost no time endearing himself to those in power. Which fits in perfectly with my plan. Aladdin: I'm sorry, Jasmine. Genie: Ahh, love. Don't mind us. Aladdin: Yeah, well, this is kind of a special moment. Genie: Right. Got it. Say no more. Enough said. Over and out. Today's special moments are tomorrow's memories. Looking great, Jas. More emotion, Al. Tilt your chin a bit.

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Iago: What does he have to do to make it clear to you lunkheads?! The show's over. They want to be alone! Break it up! Iago: Move it, primate! Go on! Abu is trying to hit Iago and he is trying to bite Abu on the back like a lion to chase him away That takes care of the peanut gallery. If you need me, I'll be lazing about in the lap of luxury. Aladdin: I'm sure about this. Iago: Ohh, yeah! Being one of the good guys has its advantages.

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Ah, advisor to Aladdin, the new grand vizier. And when Aladdin becomes Sultan, that will make me the grand vizier. Only I'm not gonna blow it like that idiot Jafar.

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Jafar is unleashing two fireballs in his eyes to light the candles for him Iago: laughs A funny thing happened. You see, this guy took the lamp. You probably thought it was me, cause it sounded a lot like me Anyway, he took the lamp and I haven't come for revenge against you. Iago: laughs So that's good to hear. Abis Mal: I got it!

I could wish for the famed treasure chest of King Malakhan! Jafar turning into Abis Mal into a golden treasure chest, putting Iago down on the green sofa and mumbling in fear and panic plus turning it back into human form Jafar: Oh, I am dreadfully sorry. I thought that was your wish. Are you quite all right? Abis Mal: No, I am not quite Jafar: Wonderful.

Good to see all is well. Abis Mal here is my new friend and I couldn't help noticing that you've made some new friends, too. Like, Aladdin. Uh, friend is such a strong word.

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Jafar: appearing again into human form from flames in candles with evil shadows I'm arranging a little surprise for Aladdin and your job is to lead him to the party. Iago: You know, pants I don't think I'm the guy for this job. You know, you should talk to… uh… uh… the monkey! The monkey's really got Aladdin's ear! Jafar: No, Iago I was just thinking Genie: Focus Sorry, little feathered friend. I'll get that out.

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It's stuck good. Cue Ball Ectomy! Abu trying to take out his eyelashes Iago here's our friend now. We can trust him. Now, let's get that ball out of his beak.