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Hill, evaporated following the market crash of October 29, , when the financial rug was pulled out from under them. Millions of breadwinners, like the fathers of Mary Joy Breton and Michael Sanchelli, found themselves out of work.

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Faced with the greatest deprivation many would ever know, families struggled to make ends meet. Very few families were unaffected by the Great Depression. The children of the Great Depression learned of necessity to be resourceful, wearing hand-me-down clothing, going without luxuries of any kind and, at times, going without meals. Many young men joined the Government's Civilian Conservation Corps , which promised temporary employment and steady wages, and even young children, found work in an attempt to make a financial contribution to their families -- in some cases giving up educational opportunities to do so.

Children learned the value of a dollar and how to save , lessons that would stay with them throughout their lives and that would be reflected in frugal and careful habits: darning socks and patching play clothes for their baby boom children, scraping the inside of an egg shell to get every last bit of egg white, clipping coupons and saving Gold Bond trading stamps.

Members of Minnesota's Greatest Generation generally share a strong work ethic. Many boys held jobs working as farm help, newsboys , pinsetters in bowling alleys, and messengers , while their sisters helped out in more domestic capacities at home or as hired help.

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Some children, like Michael T. Sanchelli, were self-employed, searching junkyards for castoffs that could be sold. While many children who sought employment during the Great Depression, like Robert D. Hill, did so to make a much-needed financial contribution to their families, others, like William M.

Cummings, worked to earn spending money. Rural children, like Mary Joy Dean, helped out on the farm, working without pay. These young workers benefited from the efforts of the National Child Labor Committee , whose work in the s and s resulted in protective child labor laws. These laws mandated age limits, types of jobs appropriate to children of different ages, and the number of hours per week a child could be expected to work. Children under 16 years of age were allowed to work only during the daytime, with a maximum of an 8-hour workday and a hour workweek.

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By , 7. The vast majority of boys and girls worked as farm laborers , many as unpaid help on family farms. Urban boys commonly held jobs as factory operatives or newsboys, or were apprenticed to learn a trade. Girls typically worked in factories or as domestic servants in private homes. Laws also mandated that all children ages 7 to 16 except for those that had completed the 8th grade must attend school during the entire session, which averaged Rural students could get exemptions for helping their parents on the farm from April 1st to November 1st.

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Children playing in water spray from fire hose, ca. Anton Johnson and children, starving farm family who appealed for aid, Hollandale, Phyllis Wheatley Settlement House girl's basketball team, It was locked. No one in the Gardner house ever locked a door. When there was no response, Kerianne started to panic.

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She asked Brian, her partner, to do it. New Mexico has the fifth highest youth suicide rate in the country — approximately 16 per , residents, double the national average. Health professionals, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies have rushed to address the crisis, but their efforts have been fragmented and uncoordinated. In early , the Department of Health appointed a prevention coordinator who is now in the early stages of implementing an official suicide prevention strategy. For Aurra — a shy, motivated, creative young woman — the support of a caring mother proved insufficient to counteract a quick and troubling slide toward her last decision.

She was in Honors English and took Advanced Placement courses in psychology and world history.

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A reserved rule-follower, according to everyone who knew her, she played cello in the Eldorado and Albuquerque youth orchestras; her mother was on the Eldorado orchestra board; her younger sisters attended middle and elementary schools nearby. Aurra loved to draw, write poetry and study birds, especially chickadees.

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She would climb the trees in her backyard and sit there all day, naming the species of every bird that visited. She scored in the 99th percentile on her 10th grade PSAT. At parent-teacher conferences, instructors told Kerianne what a joy it was to have Aurra in their classes.

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She was panicking about organizing her AP World History notes and sleeping less than usual. Kerianne emailed and called the counseling offices at Eldorado, but a response was slow in coming. On the morning of Feb. She told her mother that her teachers hated her and worried she might fail her upcoming tests.

In her recollection, the counselor asked Aurra if she really believed her teachers hated her. Aurra responded in muted tones. Kerianne asked the counselor to talk to Aurra on a weekly basis, and the counselor said she would. The week of March 6, Aurra had a panic attack following a test.

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You can make up the test later. Instead, Aurra hid in the school bathroom and the empty orchestra room to avoid class, spurring the automated attendance system to call Kerianne. Kerianne felt she had exhausted her options to get support from Eldorado, so she sought out a therapist at High Desert Community Psychological Center. During the appointment, Aurra talked about stabbing herself but did not mention a concrete plan to hurt herself. The therapist did not share details of the session with her mother because, as she later told a detective, she found no reason for immediate concern.

The next Monday, Aurra skipped her classes again and spent the morning roaming the trails of the nearby Bear Canyon Arroyo. Once again, Kerianne received an automated call informing her about the absence. She felt something dreadful, like a curtain falling between them. Narratives of suicide were embedded in the curriculum. Several former Eldorado students expressed concern over teachers assigning the book, which in was challenged or banned in more American schools than any other book, according to the American Library Association. It has since been popularized by the Netflix series by the same title — released two weeks after Aurra died — and research has focused on both its harmful and helpful effects.

Records and interviews confirm this figure.