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One of the ironies was that Japanese Americans were among the first Allied troops to liberate a concentration camp in Germany, while some of them had family members kept in internment camps back in the U. Clinton, Japanese pilots deliberately attempted to crash their aircrafts onto Allied ships because they believed that surrender was the ultimate dishonorable act. Young men volunteered to be kamikaze pilots in the hopes of showing patriotism and bringing honor to their families.

However, obligations to family, school, employer, and friends still tend to guide most Japanese behavior. For instance, students are encouraged to work hard and enter prestigious colleges with the goal of bringing honor to their families.

Television news occasionally broadcasts a president of a bankrupt company weeping and bowing his head in shame as he apologizes for the failure of his company. Japan still remains a culture of shame, honor, and duty. References: Benedict, R.

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Learn more about the Compromise of African American Civil Rights Movement. The Life of Frederick Douglass.

All this time, we assumed it was a vision Rick was having of a more-perfect world. Everyone is happy, Alexandria is thriving. Jerry is there. Eugene is there.

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