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View more info. By: Ambuehl, James ed. Pulver, Jr. Original horror anthology: pages. Illustrated by J. Though this copy is unnumbered but marked ''PC''. To co Publisher: Dodo London Press: London.. Collection of non-fiction pieces on writing and other stuff! This is no Allen Ashley''. Autobiography of one of Hammer film's principle directors though he also directed tv series such as The Avengers and The Saint.

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Publisher: Fourth Estate: London. By: Beech, Mark ed. Publisher: Egaeus Press: UK. Exclusive Series one of a series of books for which Delirium only printed the exact number of pre-orders - in this case 54 copies - up to a maximum of copies. From World War One battlefields to 21st century sink estates.

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From the tumbledown cottage by a lonely beach to the cavern deep beneath the earth. From the painter's studio in the heart of the city to the corridors of an all-boys' grammar school. They're everywhere. Justly and unjustly. With or without hope of reprieve. The doomed. The hopeless. The Condemned''. Publisher: Tartarus Press: North Yorkshire. The complete supernatural stories, with an introduction by S. Joshi: pages. Perhaps best known as a journalist and the author of the sardonic The Devil's Dictionary, Bierce ranks alongside Poe as one of the fathers of American supernatural fiction.

As a young man he served in the Federal army during the American Civil war, participating in some of the most horrific battles, and this closeness to the horrors and excitement of war informed both his famed cynicism and his fiction. And Bierce's precise, pared down writing style provides a perfect foil to the Gothic content of his tales. By: Blaylock, James P. Publisher: Edgewood Press: MA.

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Collects thirteen stories, with an eight-page introduction from the author. Publisher: PS Publishing: Harrogate. Introduction by John Clute. By: Burroughs, Edgar Rice. Publisher: Lloyd A.

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Eshbach: Publisher. Large octavo, two volumes: pp. Each limited to copies. Both volumes published without authorization and anonymously circa by Lloyd A. This ''book'' version of ''Beyond Thirty'' was preceded by an earlier anonymously prod Publisher: British Film Institute: London. I was carried midship to the Second Mate's cabin, and left soaked and badly bruised for what I was told was almost 36 hours. Finally, the skipper pulled into Juneau, Alaska, possibly against orders. I was wrapped in canvas and carried top deck.

The men carrying me had to twist and turn through the officer's mess and other narrow spaces. It hurt. I was lowered to a launch and taken to the hospital.

The Taku spent some time in dry dock after it arrived back in Seattle. Juneau represented a major detour. Almost landlocked on the eastern side of the Gulf, Juneau was possibly the only alternative choice to Seattle in terms of hospital facilities. Looking at sea routes, Juneau was likely just a few miles closer than Seattle for the Taku.


That trip into Juneau was made strictly because a man was injured and the time, measured in hours, that could be saved in getting him to a hospital were deemed essential Don Fortune's glimpse of the rigors of passage across the Gulf of Alaska introduce the reader to the storm factor which influenced so many missions that I would later be called on to fly in that area. A" coaster" type vessel would find real challenges in those turbulent sea states. A lot of storm trouble is generated where the Japanese current meets the frozen northern tundra and its adjacent waters.

For aviators, an added factor south of the chain is that at least until there were no radio aids to air navigation in that airspace. An airman's aircraft had better be self-sufficient electronically. Thankfully, the PB4Y-2s assigned to our squadron in were well equipped.

Some exciting, some bizarre, and some tragic events of war occurred between a Japanese fleet's first attack on Dutch Harbor onJune2, and Japan's occupation of Attu and Kiska, which began just five confused days later on June 7. My edition of Garfield's book is labeled a "Bantam War Book" and has a Navy PBY on its cover, but inside one discovers that first publication was by Doubleday in Garfield not only details the attack by the Japanese and the defense by U.

Those orders, never carried out, allow author Garfield the opportunity to tell his readers in a masterful way, how the war was going in the Pacific in the summer of As part of the northern prong of its attack on Midway Island, the Japanese, on 7 June , occupied Kiska and Attu, the latter out at the end of the Aleutian chain of islands.


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This occupation was preceded by Japanese carrier aircraft raids on the U. Navy installations at Dutch Harbor, located on Unalaska Island. In the context of the six years of active hostilities in World War II, Japan's stay in the Aleutians turned out to be relatively brief. On June 7, , the Japanese commenced landing on Attu and Kiska and quickly captured or killed the occupants there. By the end of May , after a bloody three weeks, the killing of most of the Japanese defenders and the capture of but a handful, the Japanese were eliminated from Attu.

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  • A Japanese objective in the Aleutian sub-strategy to its attack on Midway included bombing attacks on Dutch Harbor, primarily to make the U. Navy believe that its Dutch Harbor seaplane base installations were an occupation target. From code breaking, Admiral Nimitz at Pearl Harbor knew that their basic Aleutian intention was to make occupation force landings on Adak, Kiska and Attu to the west. Overlooked by the Japanese until its forces had undergone air surveillance and resistance from islands not believed by them to be militarized, was a U. These were part of Buckner's handiwork. The disturbing discovery that there were gaps in its intelligence about U.

    One does not have to reach for the moon to credit Buckner's vision here. Dismay that their intelligence had not revealed an important U. This change left the door open to a major opportunity for the United States. That opportunity was Adak, and Adak ultimately became the pivot of the U.

    Navy's air and sea operations in the Aleutians. Both the United States and the Japanese had defensive strategy objectives in the Aleutians. Neither figured to invade the other's heartland by use of the Aleutian chain as steppingstones. The Japanese sea force approaching the Gulf of Alaska in early June,, consisted of cruisers, destroyers, an oiler, transports with troops, and of prime importance to U.

    Their first mission was to attack Dutch Harbor before the main body of the Japanese Fleet, which included its four large carriers, attacked Midway Island. Japan's military strategists intended to influence Admiral Nimitz and our Pacific command to send forces north to the Aleutians to defend against an invasion there and thereby weaken his Midway defense options. But, he sent no U. Nimitz had none to spare.

    There were fuel storage facilities, some radio communications towers, and a detachment of U.